1. Excalibur (1981)

Lancelot Guinevere Excalibur Guinevere Excalibur


Enjoys kinky forest sex

Makes becoming a nun (right hand picture) look like a wise fashion choice.


General air of helplessness

3. Camelot (TV series) (2011)

Camelot Guinevere Arthur


Wants to have sex on the beach (come on everybody)


Has no discernible personality

Is inexplicably married to someone much hotter than Arthur in the TV show, and still implausibly decides that she would prefer Jamie C-B.

3. Mists of Avalon (2001)

Guinevere Mists of Avalon


Is (much) better in the book

Looks gorgeous


Won’t stop going on about God

Excessive threesome guilt

General air of helplessness

4. King Arthur (2004)

Guinevere King Arthur


Fighty and Badass


Looks like one of the ones from Avatar / A smurf

Baffling interest in Clive Owen’s extremely dull King Arthur

My Verdict

Excalibur‘s Guinevere is the clear winner for me, if only for the excellent nun costume at the end, although the weird forest sex scene was also a big factor. It was a shame that trying to fit the whole of the Mists of Avalon into a 3-hour TV series almost entirely flattened Guinevere’s character, because in the book it seemed like there was a lot more to her.

But what do you think? And is there some quality Arthurian TV/Filmmaking that I have missed, in my ignorance?