1. Excalibur 

Morgan and Merlin



She’s not afraid of committing of some sleuth incest to get what she wants

Does some pretty badass magic

Wears some seriously cool costumes


Seems quite reliant on Merlin for much of the film

2. Camelot

Morgan Le Fay Nun more evil than sybil


Is friends with an Evil Nun

Also not afraid to engage in some sleuth incest.

Also wears some seriously cool costumes

Shape-shifting magic


Unnecessary “sad childhood” back story.

3. The Mists of Avalon 

Morgan Le Fay


A pleasingly unique Morgan, who isn’t wicked or plotting


Her only decent magic trick is making some mist disappear

4. King Arthur

Where is your Morgan le Fay? You disappoint me.

My verdict: 

It has to be Excalibur again – Helen Mirren’s Morgan is just the right mix of mental and ambitious, though Camelot comes close, since the best (dare I say it only good) thing about the TV show was its Morgan and her friend Sinead Cusack the Evil Nun.

Vote for your favourite and as always if there’s anyone else I ought to include let me know. It won’t be an awful hardship for me to watch another Arthurian film to add it to the list…