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This week saw the single most exciting moment of my life – the publication of my first novel! It was scary, exciting and wonderful in every way. When I wrote it, I was just pleasing myself, stopping myself from going mental studying by escaping into my imagination. I’m so glad I have had a chance to share the little escape I imagined with everyone else, and more importantly that this means I have a chance to share this wonderful story – this untold version of the story, I feel – as well.

So many of the adaptations of this story make Guinevere very passive, regretful, a victim of circumstance. I wanted to fight against that a little bit, but also this just wasn’t the story I was getting when I read Thomas Malory’s Morte Darthur. I imagined a Guinevere who was strong, who wanted freedom and independence. One who was passionate, in every sense. I hope that is what I will manage to share with you through these books.

So I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I liked writing it!


Some praise from its site, to lure you in:

5.0 out of 5 stars Enthralling! 1 Mar 2014
By katherine miller
Format:Kindle Edition
I loved this book – Guinevere is a totally compelling heroine and the setting in Arthurian England is incredibly immersive. This is the most fascinating and realistic take on the Arthur legends that I’ve ever encountered – even if there is a bit of magic involved! What I liked best about this book was the depth of Guinevere’s character. She shows how it’s possible to have complex feelings of love for more than one person, and I loved her wilfulness. Definitely a good book for escaping boredom. I can’t wait for the sequel!


5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant 2 Mar 2014
By lydia416
Format:Kindle Edition
I absolutely loved this book.

For anyone who loved the Game of Thrones series, The Guinevere Trilogy is a must. It’s so refreshing to see the medieval setting done well, and Lavinia Collins brings Arthurian England to life better than any author I’ve read yet. Guinevere is a truly engaging heroine, and her outlook on love and life is much more complex than other female protagonists in the genre. It’s all topped off with an addictive mix of passion, plotting, intrigue and a little magic to boot. I’m so glad there are two more in the pipeline.


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