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Are we those guys now? Are we literally those guys as a species? You know, those guys who just never let anyone do anything good without ruining it? Could we not just let one woman suggest that we all be nice to one another for a change without immediately proving her point by being massive dickheads? I mean, come on. As an entire genus, I’m disappointed in us.

4Chan’s fuzzy logic is at best laughable, at worst disgusting. Emma Watson has been naked therefore stop talking, tits, and lie there naked while I shame you for being a slut! Ha ha ha that will teach her to leave the kitchen.

Emma Watson’s call for equality at the UN conference is all the more poignant for the way it has now been contextualised within society’s non-acceptance of a woman who opens her mouth, and opens that mouth to speak.

Emma speaks of how grateful she is not to have had her progress inhibited by sexism. As soon as she says that, the internet claims to have her naked pictures.

That wouldn’t happen to a man.

Not a male celebrity. Not a male actor. Not a male underwear model. Certainly, the internet’s reaction would not be the same.

It’s all of our business to stop this bullshit. Men and women alike. Everyone deserves a chance to speak. To talk without fear about the things that are important to them. If we live in a world where this shit still happens, how can anyone say that men and women are equal?

I can’t even with this naked photos bullshit anymore.