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So I know I posted a couple of weeks ago about PUAs (Pick Up Artists). This was quite by chance – I came across a horrifying ad without realising that this particular monstrosity was the concoction of noted woman-assaulter and professional douchecanoe Julien Blanc.

I don’t imagine that Julien will be reading this, but just in case he is, I’m very ugly Julien, so it’s probably not worth your while getting in touch at all. Cheers.

Anyway, this brand he’s part of, it’s called “Real Social Dynamics”. Just let that percolate a bit. He thinks that his highly manufactured, and explicitly manipulative strategies are “real social dynamics”. Or perhaps he doesn’t believe that. Perhaps he’s a highly cynical business-minded shark who’s happy to take advantage of rich manchildren who feel entitled to any and every woman they find vaguely attractive. Who knows. Because you know what, it’s certainly not nice guys (not “nice guys” actually guys who are nice) who go to pick up artist courses. There’s nothing “nice” about shoving a woman’s face into your crotch for a “joke” and relying on social embarrassment to stop her from head butting your testicles and then calling the police.

And this is the crux of my problem with PUAs. “Real Social Dynamics” might as well just call itself “Forgiveness is Easer to get than Permission Inc.” – it’s the same thing. Push women, and then if they object, say it’s a joke and they’re overreacting. Gas lighting, bullying, intimidating.

Has masculinity become so skewed? Have so many men been so thoroughly destroyed by Hollywood films and Cosmopolitan magazine that they think the only way to have fulfilling sex lives is to bully hot strangers into having sex with them? Is there such a ‘crisis of masculinity’ that quantity of sex is more important than consent? That having sex is more important to male identity than being genuinely desired?

There’s no place for Julien Blanc in Britain, and there’s no place for him in modern society. Women deserve better than Pick Up Artists, and men deserve better than being told their masculinity rests on sexual quantity rather than quality. We all deserve better than Julien Blanc. We all deserve better than “Real Social Dynamics”.

Frankly, Julien Blanc can fuck off. And no, Julien, that’s not “negging”. I really do want you to fuck off.