Morgawse: Let’s make out
Arthur: i dunno, don’t you have a husband or something
Morgawse: he won’t mind.

Arthur: idk i know she was my sister and everything, but i think it’s pretty cool i am going to be a dad.
Merlin: No, man. It’s a terrible idea.
Arthur: really?
Merlin: yeah terrible.
Arthur: shit.
Merlin: I know.
Arthur: What should i do?
Merlin: Kill all the children.
Arthur: What?
Merlin: All of them. all the children. just kill them all, in case one of them is yours.
Arthur: That doesn’t seem –
Merlin: You have to.

Arthur: You know who’s really hot?
Merlin: Who?
Arthur: Guinevere. Guinevere is super hot.
Merlin: I hear she’s kind of a slag.
Arthur: Yeah yeah totally agree she’s perfect wife material
Merlin: I think you should stay away, man
Arthur: Yeah yeah you’re so right going to marry her right now thanks for the great advice, dude.

Morgan: hey babe, you know what would be really cool?
Accolon: Making out more?
Morgan: Close – murdering Arthur. You should totally murder Arthur.
Accolon: idk –
Morgan: Do you wanna make out more, or not?

Guinevere: Hey whatcha doing?
Lancelot: idk just hanging out.
Guinevere: Wanna make out?
Lancelot: idk Arthur might be mad.
Guinevere: Honestly, I don’t think he will notice.