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It is the festive season, and the medieval world has a lot to give! So this year, I’m spreading the Christmas Joy medieval-style with the 9 funniest medieval manuscript illuminations!

9. Knight Vs Snail

(There is a whole dedicated site tot his one! http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digitisedmanuscripts/2013/09/knight-v-snail.html)

A detail from Brunetto Latini's Li Livres dou Tresor, France (Picardy), c.so bravery, many valour, such chivalry!

8. The Hungry Dragon

images-2you know i am not sure i actually have room for all of this man

7. Snail Cat

tumblr_mg84e8GShW1qd4ufdo1_500no i am sure this is what cats look like

6. Monkey Trumpet Human Centipede

tumblr_mgqxxatKTg1rppc0go1_500literally what are you doing? that is not how you play the trumpet, derek

5. Medieval Spirit of Jazz

images-3SpiritofjazzJust going to leave this one here.

4. Fox Vomit

luttrelpsalter_foxvomityou know i do not remember eating that fox

3. How many hands?

a388fe3ebf18d8ff044e0bb91e148492no you see i was minding my own business when a radioactive spider bit me

2. The flying Penis Monster

194xjws5a91yfjpgme? i always get around like this. why do you ask?

1. Finally (in something of the same vein!) my personal favourite, the medieval penis-tree.

tree_with_phalluse_450hey maude, whatcha doing?

me, oh just casually harvesting my penis tree, why do you ask?

Enjoy, and very merry Christmas!