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It is the festive season, and the medieval world has a lot to give! So this year, I’m spreading the Christmas Joy medieval-style with the 9 funniest medieval manuscript illuminations!

9. Knight Vs Snail

(There is a whole dedicated site tot his one! http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digitisedmanuscripts/2013/09/knight-v-snail.html)

A detail from Brunetto Latini's Li Livres dou Tresor, France (Picardy), c.


so bravery, many valour, such chivalry!


8. The Hungry Dragon


you know i am not sure i actually have room for all of this man

7. Snail Cat



no i am sure this is what cats look like


6. Monkey Trumpet Human Centipede



literally what are you doing? that is not how you play the trumpet, derek


5. Medieval Spirit of Jazz


Just going to leave this one here.


4. Fox Vomit


you know i do not remember eating that fox


3. How many hands?


no you see i was minding my own business when a radioactive spider bit me


2. The flying Penis Monster



me? i always get around like this. why do you ask?


1. Finally (in something of the same vein!) my personal favourite, the medieval penis-tree.



hey maude, whatcha doing?

me, oh just casually harvesting my penis tree, why do you ask?



Enjoy, and very merry Christmas!