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So I guess it seems like I am posting like crazy these days, it’s just a lot has been happening. Just a few days ago, I woke to the dulcet tones of Radio 4 telling me that Page 3 was going to be no more. The Sun had seen the error of its ways, and it was going to remove that creepy old institution from its pages. Hooray! My day was brighter. I love waking up to good news; this was pretty much as good as the day I woke up to hear that Obama had won the presidential election the second time. The world was good, people were not all bastards, etc. etc.

Well HO HO HO Rupert Murdoch, you had me fooled. Look at your cheeky front page there! You certainly made all those silly feminazis feel silly, didn’t you? Well done , you great big bastard.

“Why do you hate page three?” I hear you cry. “Don’t you like the beautiful naked female form?”

Just to be clear, here is my book cover:
book one

I do not at all have a problem with female nudity. Everyone should be naked whenever they want! Enjoy your nude bodies, citizens of the world. No, I am in no way trying to suggest that people shouldn’t be naked.

But let’s think about this. The Sun is a national newspaper, and it’s got naked, airbrushed women in their early twenties, with flat stomachs and large (sometimes augmented) breasts on its 3rd page. Who is that paper aimed at? Heterosexual men. By having that on its 3rd page, The Sun is saying, newspapers are for boys. Newspapers are not for you, silly lady. And yes yes I know lesbians and bisexual ladies like naked women too, but I know for my own part I have never looked at one of those ladies and been like MMMMM. It’s a very heteronormative, mainstream media picture of sexuality.

It’s a young, straight, conformist sexuality. And actually, with all the airbrushing and waxing going on, I think it’s symptomatic of the way our society views the female body. Cleaned up, de-haired, perfumed and airbrushed. Not to real. Not too animal. Not too sexual. Hear me out here – it’s a kind of barbieish plasticised sexuality we are being sold here. Waxing away hair and airbrushing away faults makes people look less naked. Like those recent pictures of Kim Kardashian completely naked – it took me a full minute to realise she WAS naked, because the pictures were so media-friendly, so smooth and perfect.

So anyway, besides that, beside the restrictive, discriminatory and downright boring picture it presents of female sexuality to be enjoyed with your breakfast coffee everyday, it also perpetuates a society in which women are sexual objects and the female body is something to be bought and sold between men. There’s a huge difference between a nude on an erotic book cover (and this is also an issue where gender inequality is rife) marketed to adults, and naked women casually strewn throughout the mainstream media to be consumed and objectified.

Page 3 makes the world seem like a hostile world to many women, myself included. It shuts us out, devalues us, makes us feel cheap and objectified. In the modern world there is no place for this crap, and The Sun has shown itself to be old-fashioned and shamefully outdated. I’m disgusted, and I know plenty of other people who feel the way I do. There is no place for this in our modern world, and frankly, The Sun can fuck off.