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So it’s not often that I feel inspired to post about something that makes me happy, so I’m taking that opportunity now with both hands.

I was so overjoyed to learn of the SCOTUS’ decision to make marriage legal in all states for anyone and everyone who loves one another (and isn’t already married to someone else).

As for many other moments in life (ho ho ho), there is an apposite quotation from Malory that illustrates how I feel about this matter:

Why should I leave such thoughts? Am I not an earthly woman? And all the while breath is in my body I will complain of it, for I do believe that I do no offence to God, though I love an earthly man, for He made me for this, and all good love comes from God.

Sir Thomas Malory, Morte Darthur

(I confess that this is a favourite of mine that I have used before)

As someone who has had a troubled but nonetheless engaged relationship with religion, I am particularly fond of this quote, and think it is particularly appropriate now. I would love to think of a supreme being who is love, and who – if you like – provides and supports an endless flow of it. And I think Malory’s image here (I mean, it’s a little ambiguous in the context but I am not going to spoil it) is a beautiful one. That all the love in the world is good. And that is something I strongly believe.

I for one believe that only good can come from people – no matter their gender – being able to celebrate their love in public. Hooray for all love, and hooray from me ❤