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(Originally published as a guest post at Chapterhouse UK)
Bestselling author Lavinia Collins talks about the process of editing her second trilogy, published with Not So Noble Books, out now!

The time has come for me to edit the final part of The Morgan Trilogy. I’ve never been good at goodbyes. I was actually astounded that I managed to finish my first novel series without the process of bringing it to an end waylaying me endlessly. But perhaps it was because I already knew I was about to move on to this, and goodbye was just au revoir.

editing 1Then came Morgan III, The Fall of Camelot. This whole series took longer in the writing than Guinevere ­­– which I wrote in six weeks in a kind of heat and cider fuelled stupor/trance one baking summer – and I think I got more attached.

This had the unexpected (and indeed undesirable) effect of meaning I had terrible trouble ending it. I didn’t know if I was going to come back to those characters, to that world ever again (as it is, I still have WIP) and letting go was hard. I wrote one ending. Then I wrote two more chapters of ending just not wanting to let go. You know that famous dreadful ending of Lord of the Rings? The one where you keep getting up to leave in the cinema and it’s not over? Basically the end of my book.

The crazy thing is, the ending the editor (wisely, as per usual) suggested is the original ending that I wrotebefore I went mad and added loads of extra.

I’ve always found it hard to stop writing. To step back and say, done is done. It’s difficult for a writer, I think, to feel that their work is ever complete, but my ending made me think of CoCo Chanel’s famous fashion advice – always take off the last accessory you have put on. In my case, always take off the last bit you have added to your ending.

I’d love to hear about how everyone else writes endings, if anyone finds it easy, and if so how they manage that!

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed this story along with me.

Morgan III, The Fall of Camelot, out now!

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