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I hate having to do this.

It makes me feel incredibly guilty, as I know what a labour of love writing a novel actually is.

But the current novel I’m reading – well, I just can’t get into it.

I’ve tried. Honestly I have. Yet, every time I go to pick it up, I don’t get that frisson of excitement and anticipation.

I really enjoyed this author’s two other novels (which feature the same array of characters) but this one – well, it’s just page after page of dialogue and no description. It’s almost as if the writer is relying on the fact that you have probably read the other two books and don’t need additional details.

Oh but I do!

I’m one of those writers/readers who loves description. From the moodiness of the weather to the knick-knacks a protagonist might hoard in her house, I’m a real sucker for visualising when I’m reading.

I know not everyone is like that and we all have our own way of writing, but just reams of dialogue and no description means, for me at least, that I’m really struggling to become absorbed in this story.

Life is too short to carry on reading a book which you’re struggling to finish, in my humble opinion. So, with a heavy heart, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to have to abandon reading this novel and move on to another in my TBR pile.

It has emphasised to me though, the importance of colour and description when writing. It really brings a story and characters alive, making you feel part of it all.

Now I’m off to add some more description to my latest WIP!

Happy Writing and Reading!

Julie X

Julie Shackman is a romance author, witty blogger and friendly tweeter. You can find her blog here, and her latest novel HERO OR ZERO on Amazon here!