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 A Fragile Crown, the second instalment of the Morgawse: Queen of the North Arthurian Fantasy Romance Trilogy is available now to pre-order for your kindle!

Ruthlessly dismissed from Camelot by King Arthur, Morgawse returns to Lothian Castle with her sister, Morgan. Her pregnancy remains a delicate secret from her vile and domineering husband, Lot. But he is endlessly suspicious, and discovers her swelling belly. Fuming with anger, he pledges war on King Arthur to regain what he considers the only thing worth living for – honour.

Morgawse is indifferent about the fate of her husband but she fears terribly for her sons as they join their father in battle. She plans to visit Arthur again to try and persuade him to a peace agreement. Despite his hostility, she reminds him that he is, after all, the father of her child. But Arthur has other plans.

Grab it here! You can also find part I of the trilling trilogy THE EMPTY THRONE on Amazon.
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