This week: a lovely review from my good friends at Chapter And Verse Reviews. If you’d like to read other blog reviews of Guinevere, in whole and in part, you can do so here (with full links to external sites) and if you’d like to see for yourself, you can read free chapters of The Warrior Queen, the first instalment of the trilogy, here. 

Chapter and Verse Reviews

GuinevereFirst, an admission. Lavinia Collins is a good friend of this blog. You may have read some of her guest posts here and on the Chapterhouse website, and the more eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted her hiding in our header picture. That said, we felt that her books deserved our attention. Lavinia is the author of three fantasy/romance trilogies, each set in the world of King Arthur, each taking on a different perspective. This first trilogy is written from the point of view of Queen Guinevere, and tells the story of her marriage to Arthur and [SPOILER ALERT] her subsequent affair with Arthur’s greatest knight Sir Lancelot.

What separates Collins’ work from other interpretations of the King Arthur legend is her focus on female experience. As she argues here, in most modern versions the female characters are less well-developed, serving mostly to move the story along, and…

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