The Grave by Diane Dickson 
I couldn’t tell how much I was enjoying Diane Dickson’s The Grave until I lost my kindle charger and ran out of battery 60% through, and felt as though I was suffering from a horrible emergency. The Grave is a fast-paced gritty crime thriller. I’m actually not a regular crime fiction reader, and I stumbled across Dickson’s book because we are published by the same publishing house [link to NSNB], and I thought I’d give it a try. 
We open with a body being disposed of, and we (or I!) think we know what’s going to happen, but the story unfolds with many twists and surprises. The story follows Samuel, a secretive man with a dark past, and Sylvie, a fragile young woman with a difficult history. Samuel lives in the forest, so for a while this story made me think of that Dolly Parton song where she falls in love with a weird forest man called Joshua (listen to it now), but that’s by-the-by. Samuel’s savvy, together and strong, and Sylvie’s constantly in tears. But (and I don’t want to say too much about this) the story and the characters are deeper than that; Samuel is also vulnerable, Sylvie is also strong. And what feels at the beginning like it could turn into a male-orientated crime story with a female accessory, quickly diverts from that and offers so much more. 
You’ll love this book if: 
You like mystery/crime fiction with a twist 
You’re looking for something gritty 
You’d like typical crime grit but with some decent female characters for a change
You might want to avoid this book if: 
You’re sensitive to graphic violence and graphic sexual violence