Another day, another storm in a teacup for the current government, who can’t seem to get anything right since their new budget. They keep taking things away from us that we just don’t want to give up.

First, it was the junior doctors. One of Jeremy *unt’s cunning plans to cripple the NHS and claim it needs selling off. I don’t answer emails from my students after 6pm because I don’t want to, I have a life and I’m off the clock. I don’t see why someone who is saving lives, not just helping students understand medieval poetry, should have to work more stressed, more tired and longer hours. We’re out of NHS money because it’s poorly managed, underfunded and deliberately strangled by a government who wants it to fail. Not because we pay doctors too much.

Then there was the planned forced academisation. Another spectacularly terrible idea. Schools are already struggling with new curriculums, insane amounts of primary testing and an increased administrative burden. Another step towards widescale privatisation.

And privatisation isn’t just about profit. It does help Davey C and his rich friends. But it also makes everything someone else’s problem. Once the government has sold everything off, they’re not to blame if schools are failing or people can’t get adequate medical cover.

The third, and what seems like the smallest step  in this is the proposed removal from the BBC website of the recipes. As an enthusiastic but somewhat slapdash cook, I used the BBC recipes a lot. I liked them. Not as much as I’ve enjoyed free healthcare (I’m very sickly, accident prone and poor, so I really need the NHS)

Why are people up in arms about this? We’re losing so many, so much bigger things?

Well, because it’s even the smallest, pettiest things being denationalised and privatised. Pushing everything behind a paywall. I had to do my tax returns the other day so I ought to be pretty irritated about giving the government money, but I also walked down a tarmac street, got home safely because of streetlamps, and then enjoyed a nice book because I had been taught how to read, for free, by a government-funded primary school. Seems like OK value for money to me.

We might get our recipes back, but if we do, it’s still just a sop in the face of everything else that’s being taken away. I don’t necessarily think this will end in fire and brimstone falling from the sky because I have to work out how to make spag bol on my own, but austerity hasn’t been working, privatisation hasn’t been working (hello £100 train I took back home the other week… – yes that was booked in advance).

The recipies get people upset because they’re a metonym for everything else. A system of financial governance that just isn’t working.