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Now you can read the full story of the much-too-often-forgotten Queen Morgawse. All three parts available on kindle: 

The Empty Throne

Old King Uther is dying. Morgawse’s greedy and ambitious husband Lot plans to take over and seize the crown. But a strange young boy is found claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne. Overwhelmed with anger, Lot sends Morgawse to the court at Camelot to spy on young Arthur.

As Morgawse gets more and more involved with Arthur she doesn’t realise the dangerous path she is treading.

A Fragile Crown
Ruthlessly dismissed from Camelot by King Arthur, Morgawse returns to Lothian Castle with her sister, Morgan. Her pregnancy remains a delicate secret from her vile and domineering husband, Lot. But he is endlessly suspicious, and discovers her swelling belly. Fuming with anger, he pledges war on King Arthur to regain what he considers the only thing worth living for – honour.


The Defiant Queen
The Queen of the North’s sons are called to Camelot, and the cry on their lips is War. Returning to Lothian, Queen Morgawse struggles to regain control of her old kingdom. With her husband absent and her adult sons called to Camelot to fight among King Arthur’s knights, she is vulnerable. Having been away and gained something of a reputation in Tintagel, fighting to assert her authority with the Highland lords and to protect herself proves difficult.