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Kit with his co-star Rose Leslie

So the buzz in the news is everyone’s favourite we-knew-he-was-not-really-dead guy from Game of Thrones has put his foot in complaining about sexism in the industry. 

Let me level with you here, Kit. Is it demeaning being asked to take your shirt off for photo shoots all the time? Yes. Is it irritating for an actor to be largely reduced to his looks? Absolutely.

But that’s not sexism.

You are not being discriminated against for being a man. You are, in fact, receiving a tiny (tiny) slice of the treatment your female co-stars are subject to on a staggering scale. Being sexualised isn’t inherently discriminatory or damaging or bad. What’s tiring for all of us ladies out there is that it’s constantly done to women.

I’m not saying it’s not annoying. It’s really really annoying to be reduced to your looks. But it’s not sexism. Sexism is the pattern not the act. I would like to refer you to my favourite woke bae of the moment (I’m not going to apologise for that) Daniel Radcliffe on just what the difference is:

Perhaps, now you know what it’s like, it’s time to join the fight. Everyone should be able to control how they’re represented Should be able to choose how sexual  they’re comfortable with getting on- and off-screen.
Just think about how Game of Thrones has changed the landscape of casting. Young actresses trying to get their big break in bit parts are expected to go fully nude for something big like Game of Thrones. You feel objectified. It sucks. Imagine how much worse it must suck for them.