The Empty Throne,  the thrilling first part of the the Morgawse: Queen of the North trilogy is completely free for a short time. Grab it while you can!

Old King Uther is dying. Morgawse’s greedy and ambitious husband Lot plans to take over and seize the crown. But a strange young boy is found claiming to be the rightful heir to the throne. Overwhelmed with anger, Lot sends Morgawse to the court at Camelot to spy on young Arthur.

Reviewers of the trilogy say:

“Highly charged romantic extravaganza. Loved it! Perfect escape from daily routines. Lavinia really brings to life these often-forgotten characters. More please, Ms Collins!”

“This is a wonderfully descriptive tale of Arthurian days from the perspective of Morgawse. I first read the Guinevere series, followed by Morgan’s view. I had my opinion of Morgawse but, as in real life, there are just more dimensions. I was so pleased to find out my opinion was too shallow! I can already tell that I will have to re-read the first series – a sign of a book that stays with you.” 

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