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I’ve already mentioned on the blog that I am pro-Europe, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but tomorrow on the 23rd of June I’m voting to remain in the EU, and I think you should, too. Here’s why:

We need migrants.
The UK has an ageing population and an NHS under strain. The argument that there would be more money for the NHS in an independent Britain is somewhat moot given that a. our leaders would have to make the decision to siphon that money into the NHS and b. the figures are somewhat vague anyway. What our NHS needs is more nurses, more custodial staff, and generally more young people caring for the ageing. Migrants give us working-age people, willing to do the jobs that many British nationals sniff at. It is my belief that migrants are a positive force.

The EU protects scholarship, human rights, and our national security.
Currently, the arts and humanities in the UK benefit not only from UK research grants, but also EU-wide grants. We can travel and study in other countries. We can work there. Free moment is a positive force in scholarship, culture and the arts, the areas in which I work.

We also have the European Bill of Human Rights. Now, we still have human rights if we leave, but read that bill and tell me if there’s anything you think you’d not mind living  without.

A bigger, united Europe is more powerful. Things as they are, I’d say that’s only a good thing.

An EU-Britain is much more democratic than a non-EU Britain.
There’s a lot of bandying about the idea that the EU is ‘non-democratic’. This is, categorically, nonsense. OUr leaders and MEPs represent us in Brussels just like our local MPs represent us in Westminster. We voted for them. They all vote together. The difference? The pool of people voting is larger. That’s it. That’s democracy – you don’t always get what you want. It’s a mandate from the people, and the more people who vote for something, the more likely it is to happen.

What is undemocratic is the British Monarchy and the House of Lords. Is Rupert Murdoch influencing Downing Street. He himself has said that he wants to leave the EU because he does not have personal influence in Brussels. The larger a federation of states, the harder it is to corrupt. Shared power is always a good thing. I am anxious about a “Brexit” future where our government is held hostage by the super-rich.

I believe in togetherness.
I love Europe. I consider myself a European citizen. I travel. I have friends who live there. I have friends born elsewhere in the EU that live here. Together is better. Is the EU perfect? No. Would an independent Britain magically become perfect? Also no. But we’ve got a darn sight more chance of fixing things together.