boaty mcboatface.pngAs anyone who follows this blog might be aware, I voted to remain in the EU. I believe in the EU, in the value of shared sovereignty, cooperation, international community and free movement.

Today, by a slim margin, my country voted to leave.

Before you cry it’s a decisive majority, just consider this. If 52% were a decisive majority we would all be living under the matriarchy right now.

I’m sad. I’m angry. But not at the people who voted for the Brexit. In fact, one of the things that’s making me sad is all the tweets, facebook messages and blog posts I can see blaming the older generation (who did proportionally vote to leave, I do agree) and expressing hatred and divisiveness. Already apportioning blame.

Blame won’t change anything. The decision is made. Now is not the time to tear ourselves to pieces. I also say that as a paid-up member of the Labour Party. With one major political party acephalous before 9am today, a second leadership contest will weaken us even further.



The pound has fallen off the cliff. Anyone with money tied up in stocks and shares – particularly in banks – saw their savings shrunk by up to 30% in some cases. Everything is uncertain.

leave the EU.png



I don’t blame the Brexit voters. What’s galling is the lies. Farage already backtracking on the NHS pledge. Because of course he is. The numbers of the Brexit campaign were either egregious falsehoods or compiled by people who were out of touch with the facts. A campaign that began only as Boris Johnson’s power-grab forced a referendum, which he then fuelled with hate-filled rhetoric of division and fear.

I am so immensely sad. I am so incredibly angry that things have turned out this way. I believed in unity over division, shared responsibility over individualism, and Europe. Right now, I want to move to Scotland. Someone up there, please have me to stay.