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Done my research, ready to work. 

8am. It’s a writing day. Excellent news! Today you will indulge your creative self, you will get loads done and feel amazing. But first, to see what is on Buzzfeed.



Just five more minutes writing time! 

8am. It is not a writing day. It is a day when you have to do your other job, but you woke up with a great idea, and you’ll just write for a minute. Fifteen minutes tops. Now you’ve missed the bus.


12pm. It’s a writing day. You haven’t started yet, but the day is your oyster. Also you still have to watch next week’s game of thrones, which might obliquely be inspiring to your own work.


Looking out for co-workers reading over the shoulder. 

12pm. It’s not a writing day. Your lunch break comes around, and you try to jot down everything you thought of during the day, but a co-worker comes by and you have to pretend you were reading Buzzfeed like a churl.



3pm. It’s a writing day. You are reading Buzzfeed again.

3pm. It’s not a writing day. You are writing, even though you should be working.



Time for a treat. 

7pm. It’s a writing day. You re-read everything you wrote last week and make a few minor changes. This is hard work. You reward yourself with wine.

7pm. It’s a non writing day. You are still writing. Your eyes hurt from the screen (or perhaps your hand hurts from the pen?? #oldskool). You have piles of busywork you have ignored and will do at 10.

10pm. Inspiration strikes! You reward yourself with wine, and instantly feel sleepy.


You know you should stop. 

10pm. You are still writing. Soon it will be 2am, and tomorrow you have to go back to work.