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pokemon-go.pngI (am supposed to) spend all my day inside writing, how can a walking around game catching little monsters be good for me?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely loved Pokémon when it first came out. I caught them all – including a rather dodgy mew downloaded from a friend’s gameshark cheat cartridge, about which I still feel immensely guilty.

The arrival and manic rise of Pokémon go is both terrifying for city-dwellers watching Pokémon players trying to cross the road and something of an irresistible opporunity to wander around when you should be working, looking for imaginary pokémon in local parks etc. etc. Why not make your walk to work twice as long? Think of all the pokémon!

3c19f3282c76463a22ea8ad97ae8ca29When you sit down all day worrying about what words are going on the page, something silly that takes you back to being a child is just the job to get you out of your seat and rustling in the long grass (/ walking around anywhere off-road). I went for a run the other day, just for the purpose of hatching an egg. My game froze so it was all pointless (I mean, apart from exercise), but I left the house! I felt the sun!

I’ve seen a lot of worry online and among my friends about the evil of this augmented reality game, but they’re not going to end up being a Pokémaster with that attitude, are they?

Fun that gets me out and about? Yes please. Gotta catch ’em all.