Bad-Sex-1-600x450.jpgAs anyone who follows my twitter might notice, the book I recommended as my Book of the Month on Chapter and Verse reviews has been nominated for the bad sex in fiction awards! As someone who writes quite a lot of *ahem* sexual content, the Bad Sex Awards are something that I follow with great interest.

They really tap into the problem of writing about sex. Something that is at once universal and deeply personal and individual. When there is such a wealth of genre fiction romance, which sells itself on idealised and tittilating sex, to write a pleasant sex scene seems to be verboten in the world of literary fiction. How to make sex interesting and Capital L Literary? And I think, ultimately, this is why many of these fall foul of producing something that is just rather odd.

As it happens, I actually like the scene in the Butcher’s Hook. I mean, I don’t think it’s meant to be some dream of exciting sex, but the narrator is strange herself, and the metaphors used if oddly agricultural aren’t out of place in her general style of narration.


This medieval nun knows good sex (and isn’t afraid to ask)

I think producing a ‘good sex’ award would be harder. Different readers like different things, and while we find it easier to agree on what is funny-ridiculous (like cracker jokes), agreeing on what is exciting might be a little more difficult.