I’m often grateful to be signed to a small press publisher. I like having a close relationship with my publisher and editor, I like the freedom that comes with being low-key. I like how fast the small-press kindle-publishing word moves, and I’ve found it suits me very much.

A week ago, I held a very jolly launch for the paperback of Morgawse: Queen of the North

The other advantage, is that I do my own launch do for the books, which for me means copious amounts of aldi prosecco and crisps, a room full of balloons and good friends, and a jolly old time getting tiddly enough not to be too shy to read my books out loud.

As a somewhat shy author (though I know I don’t seem shy on the blog – I’ve talked about this before), this works really well for me. Just me, my close pals and a good laugh. Everyone who already knows everything.

It’s also great sharing this kind of achievement with your closest friends. The people who have been with you all along. Who read your first draft, who promised you you could do this, who always tell you your stuff is worth reading when you start to doubt. I love that, I rely on that, and I’m so lucky to have that.

So here are the merry old pics of the day – enjoy!

Version 2

Having a read.

Version 2

Loving that new book smell!


Essential to celebrations: wine and balloons.

Version 2

Reading a scandalous scene.