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So obviously book of the month is a massive misnomer at this point, but this is a book, and this is a month so here we go.

Once again, the book of the month is one that is close to my heart and written by my friend Karen Gordon. She was very kind enough to give me a review copy. Some of you may remember my review of Fearless Flying, well let me tell you HiJack is even better – Vivienne’s character really takes off (ha ha I did that on purpose). She’s a lot more scheming, independent and in-control, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost any hint of vulnerability.

Vivienne is a great heroine for the modern woman. I don’t want to spoil it, but the book avoids all of the frustrating man-at-the-centre cliches that have come to dog fiction written from a female perspective. For me, one of the nicest and more honest parts of this story was the way Vivienne’s relationship with her best friend, Dom, played out. I found some of that very familiar and moving, as it worked through the difficulty of having a very close friend and negotiating growing and changing.

I am a little biased, of course, since Karen very kindly mentions me in her acknowledgements, which is such an honour, but I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s pacy and driven by a female character with her own mind, sexuality and drive. Get empowered! Get this book.