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So, I’m back again after a little break. Those who follow me on facebook, and those who know me personally, will know I’ve had a difficult loss. The blog where I talk about politics and complain about sexism isn’t the place for me to discuss this, except to say that this was someone who was so important to my writing, and I am grateful to have known them and benefitted from their kindness.

But given this, and given the horrors that have faced the word at large in the past few weeks, it’s harder for me to approach Thursday’s impending election with the kind of wry detachment I try to cultivate on this blog (and perhaps sometimes manage?)

wheat.jpgThis matters. It matters in every way. Those of us whose day-jobs are in Higher Education may feel, as I do, that five more years of the Tories will make academic jobs even harder to come by, will increase exploitation of young academics, and will make the financial burden facing low-income students even harder to bear. The financial pressure on schools is worse.

I have not been blessed with a strong and hearty body, nor with the grace needed to avoid injuring myself every six months or so so badly that I end up in A&E. The NHS is one of the few crowning glories of British civilization, and we need to protect it with all of our voting power.

We need healthcare, education, infrastructure and protection. Why have a government if we don’t get that in return? Socialism is unfashionable (or, perhaps, it is only fashionable among internet yoofs who like to share Corbyn memes), but powerful.

gondor.jpgThere’s not much else to say apart from that. Opinions differ on the economic intricacies of how to improve our GDP, or make things run more smoothly, but at the moment we need change. Girls are missing school because they’ve got their periods, people subsist on food banks, the police are under-funded and under-staffed and teachers are being laid off even as class sizes reach breaking point. There is not enough money in our NHS, but billionaires get tax breaks.

I doubt I’ll change anyone’s mind with one post on my blog, but I’m putting this out there: I think Labour is our only hope. Of course, I don’t have much hope, but hope is something in itself. If you want real change, and if you want a government who works hard for you, please  – vote Labour.