Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 22.50.28.pngThis popped up on my timeline a week or so ago, and was sort of casually shared around a small group of friends who, I have to confess, had a little laugh at the expense of this poor wife and her purpose which is (? i assume) to have six babies who then become scientists? I don’t know. I didn’t read her whole timeline because I had already read some Piers Morgan tweets that day and I have to keep an eye on my blood pressure now that I am an Older Lady.

From the general framing of herself as a ‘wife with purpose’ rather than a ‘person with purpose’ or (middle ground here) ‘woman with purpose’ I kind of expected this much.

It’s kind of an odd statement because I definitely know several smart scientist women who have also “made” smart scientists. Also are you in trouble with her if you adopt scientists? How can you be sure you’ll get scientists? Imagine if she had me. I’m not sure that three degrees in medieval history was what she was hoping for when she was lying back and thinking of… science? IDK.

So, so much so par for the course, right? But then (and I make no apologies for this) one of the makeup brands that somehow manages to trap me in Debenhams and magic my money from me has betrayed me!

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 23.07.24.png

‘cute’ and humorous or just plain lazy?

Look at this advert from Benefit. Come on. Can’t we do better than this in 2017? I’m so tired of this clever woman / pretty woman dichotomy. And it cuts both ways. We’re better than this.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 23.06.19.png