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image1.JPGI’m gearing up for my first ever public reading of my book at a public library, and I’m feeling pretty nervous.

I really hate reading my own work out loud. There’s something about it, like listening to a recording of your own voice, which is the most uncomfortable, self-conscious feeling that I can think of.

I have read my books out loud before. To friends, at launch parties, after being lubricated with a not insignificant amount of Aldi’s finest prosecco. 

image2.jpgHas anyone else done a reading? What are your top tips?

There’s also an opportunity to sell books at the reading which is great because, y’know, income, but also I’ve left all of the cringe “buy my book” stuff to Amazon and twitter. I could, of course, just leave the books on the side and say nothing, but that’s a missed opportunity to share my stories with readers.

How does one negotiate thing?

So wish me luck! Here I go, out into the real world…