lt_george_teddyIn the ‘General Hospital’ episode of Blackadder Goes Forth, upon hearing that Captain Darling has been given the job of frisking soldiers to look for spying equipment, Blackadder quips ‘how lucky you are then that your job is also your hobby.’ 

A lot of the time I feel very lucky that everything I do is something I love and care about. Whether that’s writing, reading for reviews, or teaching literature, my job is something I would choose to keep doing even if we lived in the socialist future-utopia on universal basic income and didn’t have to work.

But that also means that the lines get blurred as to where your work time starts and your relaxation time ends. After all, I’m sitting here writing this on a Sunday afternoon, after a day of “writing for relaxation” and I’m wondering if it really is a good idea to have a job that is also your hobby.


Time to relax by walking some children in nature

Passion is important, but so is balance. Especially when a lot of one’s work is at home (research, writing, editing, promoting) it becomes hard to get that work-life balance right. Either I’m in my pyjamas eating graze boxes all day (they’re healthy, OK?!) or I’m up at 7, and pinging around the house until I fall asleep at 11pm.

I don’t imagine that this is a problem unique to me, and perhaps the solution lies in having a hobby that is both absorbing and relaxing. I’m open to suggestions! My latest one has been gardening, but now it’s getting cold outside and my natural inclination to hibernate for the winter has come out.

How does everyone else make sure they relax as hard as they work?

Grateful for any suggestions!