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The King of Britain is dead, without a male heir. The politics of her country never mattered much to Igraine, until now, when they threaten to rob her of her home, Tintagel castle.

When the witch Merlin tells her destiny will make her queen, a defiant Igraine refuses an offer of marriage from Uther, a rough soldier and unlikely pretender for the throne.

But destiny cannot be avoided and the harder she fights it, the more brutal it will be when it comes.

THE CORNISH PRINCESS is the first book in the last series by Lavinia Collins based on women in Arthurian legend. It is followed by Book II, MERLIN’S CURSE and Book III, MOTHER OF THE KING. Also be sure to check out Lavinia Collins’ chronicles of Guinevere, Morgan and Morgawse, all available on Kindle and in paperback.